A global study on the implementation and use of Rigorous Impact Evaluations

Analysis of the systematic implementation of Rigorous Impact Evaluations (RIE) and evidence-use in international development cooperation organisations

Rigorous Impact Evaluation (RIE) has increasingly gained momentum in the international development sector, as part of a growing focus on the generation and usage of rigorous evidence to inform development programmes and policy decisions. However, relative to the production and use of rigorous evidence among major international development ecosystems, the systematic implementation of RIE and uptake of (RIE-based) evidence in German Development Cooperation (GDC) remains relatively low. Against this background, the German Institute for Evaluation in Development Cooperation was commissioned to conduct a research project on “Implementation and Use of Rigorous Impact Evaluations in German Development Cooperation”.


Together with Sattva Consulting, we conducted a global study on the systematic implementation of Rigorous Impact Evaluations and evidence use in international development cooperation organisations, including: 

  • An analysis of existing international experiences to the (systematic) implementation of RIEs in development cooperation.
  • An assessment of international experiences with regard to the (systematic) use of available (a) global and (b) in-house evidence, both rigorous and based on other (e.g., more qualitative) evaluation methods. 
  • Overall recommendations about the institutionalisation of the Systematic Generation of RIE and evidence usage, at large, and for the GDC specifically 

Our analysis has built an understanding of how selected international organisations have systematically embedded the implementation of RIEs and the usage of evidence. This will help to inform the institutionalisation process of RIE and the use of (rigorous) evidence in German Development Cooperation. 


Country/countries  Global
Thematic area Monitoring, Impact Evaluation & Learning
Duration 01/03/2020 to 31/12/2020
Client DEval: German Institute for Development Evaluation //Deutsches Evaluierungsinstitut der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Website https://www.deval.org/en/rigorous-impact-evaluation.html