Inception phase of UNIDO’s project “Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development for Job Creation in Ethiopia”, which focuses on creating sustainable job opportunities for youths around the four pilot Integrated Agro-industrial Parks.

Ethiopia is moving fast towards its goal of achieving middle-income status by 2025 and becoming an African industrial hub. The establishment of Integrated Agro-industrial Parks (IAIPs) is the main tool to achieve agricultural modernization and rural industrialization. The IAIP initiative provides opportunities for Ethiopian youths and UNIDO is committed to support the Government of Ethiopia to promote sustainable investments and private sector development. This project is part of a Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation funded by the German government in response to youth unemployment challenges in Africa.


To support UNIDO achieving the overall goal of decent job creation, increased incomes and private investments, we conducted the inception phase activities of the project. In particular, we delivered the following services: 

  1. Baseline study to assess development activities in the catchment areas of the IAIPs in order to identify the most effective interventions for job/employment creation.
  2. Inception analysis detailing the specific entrepreneurship strategy for identified agribusiness/horticulture systems in the catchment areas of the IAIPs, as well as the required technical assistance for cooperatives and enterprises to create jobs. 
  3. Virtual workshop to discuss and validate with key stakeholders in Ethiopia the results from the baseline study and the proposed strategy to create jobs in the catchment areas of the IAIPs. 


Country/countries  Ethiopia
Thematic Area Agribusiness Development
Duration May 2020 – June 2020
Client UNIDO