Introduction to key concepts and methodology for Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning in the context of Kosovo’s Strategy on Migration

In the course of a GOPA advisory mission, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo decided to revise its State Migration Strategy 2019-2023 and develop a comprehensive Migration Strategy 2021-2025. As the new migration strategy looks far into the future – a future that has become increasingly unpredictable and uncertain, especially after the outbreak of the current global pandemic. The range of possible futures that lie ahead contains elements that can thwart even the best-laid plans. Strategic Foresight can be used to design different future scenarios. A strategy that is guided by the strategic implications of these scenarios is therefore more future-proof than a strategy that is guided by a one-dimensional future.


To build their strategic foresight capacities and future proof their migration strategy, together with Cambrian Futures we designed and conducted an applied Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning training for representatives of the Kosovo Government Agency for Migration (GAM) and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). This included: 

  1. Primer introduction to the guiding principles and process of disruption foresight and scenario planning, from identifying a focal issue, to identifying and selecting disruptive forces, to creating future scenarios and deriving strategic implications from future scenarios. 
  2. Application of the disruption foresight and scenario planning process to the migration strategy of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo


Country/countries  Republic of Kosovo and Albania
Thematic Area Strategy & Organisational Development
Duration October 2020- December 2020
Client GOPA