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SCIO Management Team.

Tobias Straube  Pin on Data

Man. Partner (Co-founder) | Chief Innovation Officer
Lead on Entrepreneurship & Higher Education

Tobias brings 10+ years of experience in digitalisation, governance, higher education and entrepreneurship projects across Africa, Europe, North America, East Asia, and Latin America. He is Principal at the San Francisco-based consulting think-tank Cambrian Group, advising companies and public institutions becoming Artificial Intelligence (AI)-savvy. As a former adviser to the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Tobias co-designed and co-led projects with combined budgets of $60 million. Those efforts included key finance, advisory and leadership roles in the creation of the African Governance Architecture for the African Union, the establishment of the Pan African University, the global AI for All Lab and tech entrepreneurship initiatives.

Filippo Brasesco  Pin on Data

Partner (Co-founder) | Chief Operating Officer
Lead on Agricultural Development

Filippo brings his 10+ years of experience with Inter-governmental Organizations and with the United Nations system in the fields of Agribusiness and Value Chains Development. He is an Agricultural Economist specialised in Agricultural Development, Tropical Agrarian Systems and Development Management. An innovative and open-minded person, with a clear point of view and the passion to advance it. Filippo’s work experience in over 15 countries includes technical backstopping and management of multi-million projects with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), as well as research and technical publications with FAO and with the ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and grassroot work with Non-Governmental Organizations for Development Cooperation.

Parag Kamble Pin on Data

Partner (Co-founder) | Chief Sales Officer | Shareholder Scio Kenya 
Lead on Organisational Development

Parag brings 12+ years of experience in Public Sector Advisory, Governance and Transformation. Operationalising a vision by breaking it down to the minutest of details and seeing this vision taking shape and delivering impact is his idea of professional satisfaction. His past experience includes working with Ministry of IT in Ethiopia for National e-Governance Strategy and developing Unified Billing Systems project, Ministry of Finance in Ethiopia and Kenya for Public Finance Management reforms and Change Management. As an Associate Director at PWC, Parag led Digital Payment Transformation initiatives for Smart Cities and Metro Projects in India. His experience spans across South Asia, East Africa, and the Middle East.

Manuela Kristin Günther  Pin on Data

Associate Partner | Chief Analytics Officer
Lead on Monitoring & Impact Evaluation

Manuela brings 8+ years of experience as Development Economist on Impact Evaluation, Data Collection and Analysis, Applied Micro-econometrics and Economic Policy Analysis to inform evidence-based policies especially in the field of financial inclusion and agriculture development. Her international work experience spans across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific. As a former ODI Fellow, she has been seconded to work with Central Banks and Governments in India, South Africa and Fiji as part of development project with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), where she combined research with applied policy work to drive evidence-based policy making.

Dr. Keni Kariuki  Pin on Data

Director at Scio Kenya office
Contributor on Agricultural Development

Keni brings 8+ years of experience as a legal expert and political economist. He leverages his background in policy research and passion in agricultural policy to advance the work being done in the African regulatory space. He has a PhD in agricultural political economy, which interrogated the institutional frameworks, rents, rent-seeking and power dynamics that affect service delivery. He continues to conduct research, tutoring, mentoring and to pursue a clearer understanding of the dynamics that influence market outcomes.

Katja Klafsky

Associate Partner | Chief Financial Officer
Contributor on Financial Management & Procurement

Katja brings 12+ years of professional experience in medium-sized tax firms and advises primarily in the areas of tax compliance and digitalisation. She focuses on future-oriented business management advice and always provides up-to-date business management evaluations with meaningful figures as a reliable basis for decision-making.

Jolien Demeyer  Pin on Data

Affiliate | Marketing and Communication
Contributor Marketing and Communication

Jolien has 10+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and strategy development. She has relentless hunger to grow, learn, and achieve. She holds master degrees in economics and management from global business schools like Vlerick, Hult, MIT, and Stellenbosch University. By combining the inputs coming from the experts in their field and then applying it in business society, she understands how connect the dots and make theory a reality.

Nora Jana Fedisch Pin on Data

Senior Associate | Business Operations
Co-Lead on Gender Equality & Inclusion

Nora brings 5+ years of experience in developing sustainable value chains across Sub-Saharan Africa. She has extensive experience in fostering gender inclusivity in agricultural value chains and supporting startups and young entrepreneurs in rural areas. Her know-how ranges from gender and youth inclusive development approaches, to developing innovative training methods, designing and implementing projects to cooperating with public and private stakeholders.


Senior Associate | Business Operation 
Contributor to Monitoring & Impact Evaluation

Till has 3+ years of experience as a consultant and researcher in Private Sector Development, Entrepreneurship Promotion and Rigorous Impact Evaluations (RIE) with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a MSc in Local Economic Development and is currently pursuing his PhD in Economic Geography at the LSE. He is well-versed with quantitative and qualitative research methods, project planning and management as well as technical writing. He is fully proficient in German, English and French.

SCIO Associate Experts.

Emmanuel Nomafo Pin on Data

Senior Expert
Lead on Financial Management & Procurement

Emmanuel has 10+ years of experience in international development cooperation, with expertise on employment promotion, green TVET, grant management as well as entrepreneurship and SME development and youth policy and empowerment. He is a coach and trainer on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and soft skills, and has been providing technical assistance to entrepreneurs and organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa and Germany.


Senior Expert
Lead on Gender Equality & Inclusivity

Roberta, PhD in Development Studies, brings 15+ years of academic research and consultancy experience in mainstreaming gender issues and promoting gender transformative and social inclusion approaches in rural and agricultural development programmes, agro-food value-chain development, MSE development, education, child protection, digital technologies, institutional strengthening – having worked in different capacities for bilateral donors, international development agencies, international NGOs, Universities, private sector actors. Her experience spans across Southern Africa, North Africa and Middle East and Southeast Asia.


Senior Expert
Co-Lead on Agricultural Development

Davide brings 10+ years of experience working at the intersection between academia and international development. He is a social scientist by training with a regional focus on Africa, and holds a PhD in International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Policies. His fields of expertise include agro-industrial initiatives, entrepreneurship development, and bioenergy. Davide has work experience conducting socio-economic baseline studies, designing and implementing inception phase reports and activities, and establishing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for development

SCIO Advisory Council.

Meseret is the founder and managing director at Ignite Investment, a growth accelerator/investment advisory firm facilitating financing for Ethiopian businesses, especially women owned SMEs and building their capacity to enable them utilize these resources as well as run their businesses successfully. She is also currently serving as the president of The African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) Ethiopia chapter. Prior to Ignite investment, Meseret worked with several companies in Ethiopia including Addis-Africa International Convention & Exhibition Center (AAICEC) public and private partnership Share Company and was able to mobilize a tremendous number of local and international investors to raise millions of dollars for the project. Previously, she worked for Statistics Canada in Ottawa, Canada, Global Affairs Canada (formerly known as CIDA), the United Nations various donor agencies and governments.

Borja is an expert in public policy and international development. He is the Executive Director at IE School of Public and Global Affairs and professor of the practice of International Development and Public Policy, Social Entrepreneurship and Project Management. He has 10 years of professional experience in the design and evaluation of public policies and programs in countries in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Amongst others, he has led the development of economic growth strategies for the Government of Sri Lanka and the Harvard Center for International Development; carried out impact evaluations in Perú and Belize with international development banks; managed institutional humanitarian response programmes of United Nations and the Government of Ethiopia and Ecuador; and coordinated international aid projects at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ulrich is a governance and decentralization expert with over 35 years of experience, mainly in Africa. As expert at the German Development Institute (GDI), director at the consulting company GFA, interim manager at GIZ and freelancer, he has advised various governments on the elaboration of decentralisation policies (political, administrative, fiscal) and accompanied the practical implementation process through context-adapted pathways. The nexus of local governance/decentralisation with conflict and violence-prevention has been one cornerstone of his engagements, pursuing pragmatic policies and solutions that further long-term state-building with a realistically limited margin of maneuverability. Against this background, he has contributed to various reform processes in African countries, e.g., the fine-tuning of an Intergovernmental Fiscal Architecture (IFA), the structuring and implementation of functional assignment (FA) and the state-building in Libya.

SCIO Network Members.

SCIO Corporate Partners.


AgNext is an India-based disruptor that provides artificial intelligence-based food assessment technology for the agriculture industry. In doing so, AgNext enables the agricultural community, particularly in the Global South, to improve the quality of their agricultural outputs, optimize costs, and ensure food traceability. Scio Network and AgNext have entered into a strategic partnership to promote technological innovation in agriculture, one of Scio’s verticals, across value chains and countries to improve the competitiveness and productivity of farmers worldwide.

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UBS Ltd.

UBS Ltd. is a leading information technology and business consulting firm based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in M&E software solutions for international development cooperation. UBS’ portfolio of M&E software tools is used by NGOs, governments, regional cooperation bodies, donors and capacity building organizations. Scio Network and UBS have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at promoting data-driven and cost-effective decision-making for evidence-based policy and project design. Thus, the partnership contributes to Scio’s “Monitoring & Impact Evaluation” vertical.

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Impact Hub Leipzig is part of the global Impact Hub network, a diverse and engaged community of founders, creatives, established companies, investors and NGOs, all with the goal of inspiring, connecting and empowering our local community to develop and implement their ideas for a more sustainable world. Scio Network is a shareholder in the Impact Hub Leipzig. Our strategic collaboration covers areas in line with Scio’s verticals, such as social innovation, promoting entrepreneurship and building innovation ecosystems.

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