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We accompany our clients with advisory services to design strategies and projects, implement and facilitate the learning from activities, all while leveraging public-private collaborations and digital means for sustainable impact.


We conduct baseline assessments and studies for strategy development and project formulation. Using participatory tools, we explore the underlying causes and the challenges of all stakeholders. We conceptualize ideas and develop action plans building upon corroborated studies, human-centered explorative approaches (user research) and scientific reflections.


We manage activities and budgets in synergy with our clients’ needs for efficient and effective delivery or projects. With professional know-how, managerial skills, and administrative competence we support the operationalization of activities through coaching, training courses and events. We help setting-up smart administrative processes using new technologies and digital means.

Learning & Innovation.

We support the learning from projects and their continuous improvement with the aim of enhancing accountability. We do so by conducting process audits and reviews, establishing monitoring systems and evaluating impact.

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